This just happened.(x)


This just happened.(x)

ohmypreciousgirl said: #she's totally gonna hit on oliver - MTE! Oliver getting hit on by his future mother-in-law. Awk!


No but actually this is a thing that is going to happen. I mean just… I’m sorry to judge based on appearance and occupation but look at her mom and what we know about her. She sounds very similar to my own mother and this is something my mom would totally do.

They’re in Vegas. And not in the ‘haha let’s take a couple days to relax and hit the casinos and accidentally get married with Elvis as our master of ceremony’ Vegas. No, no that would be much, much better than this. Because they’re in Vegas for one very specific reason and that reason is a forty-year old cocktail waitress with bleach blonde hair and a pension for younger men. 

Her mother.

It’s no secret that Felicity and the older, blonder Smoak woman don’t exactly see eye to eye. Their relationship wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t the best either and there were often times when Felicity had found herself wondering who was really the mother and who the daughter in their relationship. But that was a long time ago and it had been years since she had seen her mother in person. Maybe things had changed?

"Lissy?! Baby, is that you? Oh my God it is! Look at you all grown up with an entourage of hotties at your beck and call!"

Or maybe not.

"Wow, look at the time. Oliver, I think we have to be somewhere that isn’t here."

Felicity quickly turns on her heel to make her way back out of “The D” - yes, this is actually the name of the casino/hotel that her mother works at - but is halted by two large, callused hands bracing against her shoulders.

"Oh no you don’t. You said so yourself, you need to do this. To learn about your father from the only person who knows about him. Diggle, Roy, and I are all here for you."

Damn it, Oliver’s right. That doesn’t stop her from pulling her best puppy dog eyes and pleading with him to let her go. It doesn’t work, even though she swears he contemplates it for a second. But in the end he turns her back around to face the sparkle-clad woman coming towards them and nudges her forward in encouragement.

"There’s my little blonde genius. Come here baby."

Felicity steps forward into her mother’s outstretched arms to give her a hug. The smell of alcohol and cheap perfume consumes her, but beneath it is something comforting and familiar and for a second she feels at peace, a weight lifting off her shoulders.

"Hi mom."

"Hi sugar."

They stay in the hug for another prolonged second before Felicity pulls away. Her mother smiles at her fondly, reaching to tuck a small strand of hair behind her ear before stepping back to take her all in.

"Well look at you. All grown up and beautiful. Last time you came back here you were all frizzy hair and those bulky sweaters. Honestly, sugar, I don’t know why you ever wore those. You’ve got a body, flaunt it. Oh where are my manners! Hi, Becky Smoak."

Felicity chances a glance up at Oliver as her mother extends a hand to him. He’s got this little grin on his face, eyes bouncing between mother and daughter, and she has a pretty good guess of what he’s thinking. Babbling was a well known trait of the Smoak women.

"Oliver Queen. You’ve got a remarkable daughter, Ms. Smoak."

“Don’t I know it. Wish she would come around a little more. Although if I had a boyfriend half as pretty as you, I probably wouldn’t be leaving the bedroom all that often myself.”

The blood drains from Felicity’s face at her mother’s comment. As if things weren’t awkward enough between her and Oliver after their disastrous first date and subsequent declaration of feelings. To her relief, Oliver only pauses for a minuscule moment before letting out a good natured chuckle to cover it. Felicity quickly jumps in before he can say anything.

"Oh, Oliver’s not my boyfriend. He’s my boss. Partner. Friend! We are not… that is not… we aren’t dating."

Her mother’s eyebrows shoot up in disbelief before running down and back up the length of Oliver’s body. She deliberately licks her lips as her gaze meets his once again.

"In that case, call me Becky."

Oh for the love of God!

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Can she be more adorable?


Can she be more adorable?



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Can you re-enact your reaction to hearing you had been cast on a marvel movie?

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Candice Accola talking about filming kissing scenes | Bloody Night Con 2013

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Can you imagine Emma TL kissing Hook to wake him up from a sleeping curse

And the [woosh] happens

And he doesn’t open his eyes

And Emma stares at him in disbelief and pain and possibly growing panic

And then that fucker says “I’m not sure it worked,  try again love.”

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